Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life of a COO

Being a COO, yes a Child of the Owner or a daughter/son of a well-known person in a particular industry, have its perks and downside some of the time.

Earlier, my brother attended a meeting and he finally met one of our Dad's mentors in one of his former offices. I met him already once when he attended a cocktail event that I partly hosted in a former workplace.

Cheebling No. 3 sent a message: "Tainted na ang "anak-anak" para kay Mr. Client S. Anak ka pala ni Lad. Is that good or bad? Anak kasi ni Mr. Client E ay promising."

As I read the message, I laughed and replied: "Hahaha! Nameet ka na pala niya. Negative kasi si FSJ sa kanya. Kaya tinawag niya na Promising dahil sa dami ng pinangako wala naman din nabigay sa mga pinangako. Bad image tuloy."

Oh well, we must prove Mr. Client A and all the rest that we, the Mojica Cheeblings ALWAYS deliver! And I mean, ALWAYS!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy 45th, Maria!

Wishing you a Cake-A-Licious Happy 45th Birthday, Maria Rachelle!

Happy birthday to a trendsetting diva with intricate layers and fabulous taste. May you know how much you are loved, and may your special day be filled with as much happiness as you bring to others.

I waited for the exact time to greet you and officially it is your birthday in your part of the world. Miss you so much, my dearest Sistahud Beauty Queen! Hugs!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 32nd, Chloe Jean!

Happy Birthday to my very AWESOME, completely WONDERFUL, ALWAYS-THERE-FOR-ME, amazing SISTER!

 You make the world that much more fabulous, just by being in it! I hope you have a birthday that is just as fantastic as you are! You deserve it!

Happy 32nd Birthday, Owie Smowie!

Friday, November 09, 2012

BFF's 37th!

A friend like you doesn't come along very often. You make me laugh, and you're there for me when I cry. That's why your birthdays are so special. It's one more time to tell you how happy I am to have you for a friend.

May you enjoy a day of leisure, with hours of simple pleasures, on this day set aside, just for you! Have a Happy Birthday, Ruth!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Missed Connections

Much human misery and disease derives from self-centeredness, or the inability to transcend the confining limits of the ego world. Depression, anger, loneliness and other immunity-suppressing emotions are rooted in self-centeredness. To reduce any self-centeredness you may have in your life, try making the following connections. Each will help you get closer to achieving optimum health.

1)    Connect with nature and earth. Slow down and observe and appreciate nature through walks, gardening, picnics or outdoor activities.

2)    Connect with animals. People with pets tend to be healthier, both mentally and physically. The responsibility of owning a pet can put your priorities in focus. Plus, animals provide unconditional love, which is always rewarding.

3)    Connect with family. Instead of thinking of family as "immediate" and "extended," try to consider your family as just that: family. Near or far, family is what keeps us real.

4)    Connect with community. Interacting with those around you, and the area in which you reside, is a good way to create a sense of strength and comfort for yourself and others.

5)    Connect with a higher power. Regardless of what you perceive a higher power to be, sensing a connection with a power greater than yourself is a way to be part of something larger, and to become more connected with it.

Always remember: don't miss out on a single moment... it may never come again.